Seoul to Seattle
 FROM KRW 3,116,800

*Round-trip fares

Booking Class | Z
Reservation |
Reservations for all sectors are required at least 45/30/21/14 days before departure.
Purchase & Ticketing |
Ticket must be purchased by February 28, 2018.
Minimum Stay
| None
Maximum Stay
| 12 Months
Applicable Airline
| Operated by Delta Air Lines
| One stopover permitted in each direction
| KRW 200,000 change fee and any additional fare, provided the new itinerary meets all the provisions of this promotion.
| KRW450,000 cancellation charge

*Additional taxes/fees/restrictions/baggage charges may apply.
*Tax may be changed by exchange rate when issuing tickets.

From Seoul (ICN) to Seattle (SEA) only

Advance Purchase Days

Weekday Fare

Fuel Surcharge


Total Amount

45 days before departure

KRW 2,950,000

KRW 70,400

KRW 96,400

KRW 3,116,800

30 days before departure

KRW 3,150,000

KRW 70,400

KRW 96,400

KRW 3,316,800

21 days before departure

KRW 3,350,000

KRW 70,400

KRW 96,400

KRW 3,516,800

14 days before departure

KRW 3,550,000

KRW 70,400

KRW 96,400

KRW 3,716,800

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Weekend additional charge

One Way

KRW 150,000

Weekday= Monday through Friday on each transpacific sectors
Weekend= Saturday through Sunday on each transpacific sectors


Cancelation | 25% of the sales fare
Change | KRW200,000

*Terms & Conditions

Fares shown available at delta.com. Open segments, waitlists or one way travel is not permitted. Above fare class is subject to availability. If the above fare class is sold, options with higher fares will be available.

Ticket must be purchased by February 28, 2018.

Travel Period:
Travel must originate from Seoul between December 28, 2017 through May 30, 2018 for above fares.

Fare Validity:
The fares are valid for Seoul-Seattle transpacific sector only and for weekday travel. For weekend travel, additional charge of KRW300,000 will be added.

Date change prior to or after departure is permitted at KRW200,000 change fee and any additional fare, provided the new itinerary meets all the provisions of this promotion. Fare will be re-calculated and any additional fare will be collected if change is made. Cancellation fees are KRW450,000 for unused tickets. Origin/destination may not be changed once ticketed.

Baggage Charges:
Please see delta.com/baggage for more details on baggage fees.

SkyMiles Partner Offers:
SkyMiles partner offers subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. SkyMiles partners subject to change. All SkyMiles program rules apply. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules.

These fares are eligible for Skybonus program.
Fares, taxes, fees, rules and offers are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.