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A cosmopolitan capital city, Mexico City’s world-class museums, vibrant street art, bustling markets and Colonial-feel city center make it a fun place to visit.

Explore Mexico City    

Like a sunny day, Mexico City radiates with new experiences for every type of  traveler. Pre-Hispanic sites, temples and colonial facades stand next to towering skyscrapers in a testament to Mexico City’s timelessness. Along with its astonishing architecture, you can enjoy its myriad of countless cultural traditions, exquisite cuisine, imaginative activities, marvelous shopping, exciting nightlife and remarkable hospitality. This bustling metropolis is bursting with fashion, design and art, and is home to dozens of art galleries and museums that defy expectation.

As the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, Mexico City is a fascinating mixture of Aztec temples, European architecture and modern sprawl. No matter what interests you, there is something to see, do and eat in this fast-paced city. Its historic center, the Zocalo, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the founding of Tenochitlan, Mexico City has been an ideal destination for history buffs, romantics and adventurers alike. From its gastronomic diversity to its bustling streets, friendly people and impressive art scene, Mexico City is a must-visit city.

Indulge in an infinite parade of delicious food that can be enjoyed in the streets or in some of the world’s best restaurants. Enjoy open-air concerts, theatrical productions, street comedians or indigenous dance performances in any number of nearby plazas and parks, or simply stroll peacefully between fountains. Cheer with the crowd at a futbol match, catch a performance at the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts, or shop amidst a festive atmosphere in the Bazaar Sabado.

If you love fine arts, check out the Ballet Folklorico, which encompasses Mexican regional folk dances, while providing insight into Mexican life and legends. When it comes to dining, you have plenty of options, from street vendors with food carts to high-class, luxurious restaurants — many of which are as well-known for their decor as they are their food. Avenida Insurgentes is a wide boulevard that splits the city half, down the Federal District, and is lined with clubs, discos and night spots that come alive after sunset.

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